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I Tried

by Mia Shelton

I Used To Stalk Your Instagram

by Mia Shelton

Here is a new single with instrumentation and production by Etan Mannelli. Vocals, lyrics, and composition by Mia Shelton. 

Also available on BandCamp and SoundCloud!


This is the first day that I've understood the way you can't move on
I've never held a grudge or kept the past in my front pockets
It's been repressed, and even though I know it happened
My memories are like old stories told by people that I have never met

I never thought I could get close to anyone but my two best friends, 
but when fate took them from me, I thought there was no reason to live
I wish I knew you when my life was going straight to hell
Cause every time I'm with you life becomes a movie set in the summertime

I've stepped myself into so many people's shoes with my small feet, 
and all the space to fill makes me look like a fool sometimes
so I run away, I am barefoot in the rain and all I feel is the world watching me, I'm not the way they want me, but you don't mind.


Driving at Night

by Mia Shelton

A single recorded on my iPhone 6 - how much better quality can u get!!1!!!1!! Piano is 100% improvised. Also, the video was recorded partly on my phone and partly on my laptop on photobooth and is completely improvised and just random clips I took on my phone over the past couple months so… going back to the basics, I guess.



Ethereal EP

by Mia Shelton

Hello! Welcome to my first EP. These are all songs that I wrote, I hope you enjoy them.


Never Knowing

Wishing Well

Online Games

I Just Know

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I Tried - Stripped Version

by Mia Shelton

First version of a single I just on the lookout for another version soon :)


Put me in a Movie Cover

by Mia Shelton (Lizzy Grant aka Lana Del Rey Cover)

Hey! Here's another cover for you all to listen to. It was recorded on my phone once again, so I apologize for the white noise in the background. I hope you enjoy this cover of one of LDR's songs before she became LDR. 


Girl From the North Country Cover

by Mia Shelton (Bob Dylan Cover)

I'm back again with another very raw recording done on - you guessed it - my phone. This recording was done around the same time as the Lana Del Rey cover, so needless to say, I took a similar approach with it. This song has always been and still is one of my favorites ever. Bob always finds a way to make me teary-eyed with this song. 


Terrence Loves You Cover

by Mia Shelton (Lana Del Rey Cover)

Hope you enjoy this little cover of Lana's beautiful song. This recording is very raw, done on my phone back when this song first came out. Just pretend you're sitting on the couch next to my piano with some nice chamomile tea and a soft blanket.