Ethereal EP

Hello! Welcome to my first EP ever, and first release of my own songs in a recorded format, for that matter.

These are four songs I wrote over a period of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and ultimately, transition in my life.

If you have checked out the Ethereal photo album for this EP, you might be able to see how the photos encapsulate entirely different characters from start to finish. Each song was, in a sense, written by a different character. A character who is searching for her purpose, a character who is longing for her own happiness, a character who is heartbroken and trying to make time move faster, and lastly, a character with an apparently infallible intuition.

This album is very stripped down in all aspects. Most of the songs are simple in structure and in terms of instrumentation and production. The vocals were all done in one or two takes and are free from effects other than minimal reverb. The photoshoot for this album is very stripped down, as well. The photos were taken pretty spontaneously; they were mostly unplanned and completely unedited. We had no professional lighting, no professional hairstyling, and no makeup at all. I was so pleased with the way the photos turned out, and I felt that they truly represented the essence of each song.

The title of this album was inspired by the combination of the lyrics, the sound of the songs, the concept of the EP, and the photos and videos for each song. When first discussing the theme of this EP with my producer, Joe Romeo, we came up with the word Ethereal. The word itself and the definition perfectly described what the theme of this EP would be and the emotions associated with it. That is why I felt it important to include the definition on the back cover.

I like to leave room for interpretation, so I will leave it at that. I hope that you will enjoy this EP!

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